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Sight words are very important when it comes to reading. The faster your

child can recognize and read these words, the better reader they will become.

There are 11 lists and your child should know all these lists by the end of

second grade. Lists 1-6 are covered in first grade and lists 7-11 are covered in

second .   




"Hunking and Chunking" is a decoding stratagy. Hunks and chunks are the terms

referring to letter combinations that make up vowel patterns, r-controlled vowels,

digraphs and diphthongs. "Hunking and chunking" trains the eye to look for letter

combinations and their sounds in words. It allows your students to concentrate on

parts of the word rather than individual sounds and letters. Students will be

"Hunking and Chunking" all through the year. Students "Hunk and Chunk" by circling

the "Chunks" or letter combinations that make up the sounds we can't sound out.

Then they underline the "Hunks" or smaller words that they find within the bigger

word. (see Image below)


I'm happy to inform you that your child has access to

hundred of ebooks (books online) using the school's

subscription to . Children can choose to read

and listen to tons of books on Raz-Kids, they can even record

themselves reading and then listen to themselves read once they are

done. Afterwards your child can take a quiz to check their

comprehension. There are levels that range from A to Z, Z being the

hardest level. This allows your child to read books that are at their

reading level. To get started with your child, go to .

Phonics Dance!

We’ll be singing and dancing our way to phonics mastery using the Phonic Dance! 

T hroughout the year we will be learning two new “chunks”. Each chunk has a chant and dance to accompany it. We’ll practice every chunk we’ve learned throughout the week in the same sequence. Students will become experts at these important chunks that we encounter in our daily reading and writing.

This is a very fun program and the students seem to enjoy it. In my experience with this program, not only are kids having fun, but it works! My students are finding chunks EVERYWHERE in their reading and writing! I have noticed a dramatic difference in their ability to decode words.

To see the different Hunks and chunks and to learn our dance click on the "Our Phonics Dance" Button below.

Our Phonics Dance

Super Speed 100 Stars!

Sight words are words that we encounter frequently in text. Many of them are words that cannot be decoded (or sounded out), so readers must know them at sight, instantly. The more quickly students can read sight words, the faster they will read. When students don’t have to stop frequently to sound out words, fluency and comprehension improve.

Super Speed 100 is an activity we practice daily in 2nd grade. Students sit with a partner and alternate reading sight words as quickly as they can. They are timed for one minute. We applaud students who have reached the next “level” of words. Students love competing against themselves, and I love to see how motivated they are to practice sight words! Most importantly, Super Speed is greatly helping students improve their reading ability.

Click here to learn more about downloading the game.

Click here to a You Tube movie of Super Speed 100 in action