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Rooftop Toy Trap

Dawn and Jim were playing basketball in Jim's driveway on Saturday morning. Jim dribbled past Dawn for a shot, but he missed. The ball bounced off the rim and landed on the garage roof. "The ball is stuck!" cried Dawn.

Dawn saw a flying disc in Jim's yard and picked it up. She tossed it at the ball, hoping to knock the ball off the roof. But the disc bounced off the ball and landed on the ground. The ball was still stuck.

"Let me try something," Jim said. He grabbed a jump rope from inside the garage. He tried it like a lasso to yank the ball off the roof. But the lasso loop missed the ball every time.

"We need something we can control better," said Dawn.

Suddenly, they had the same idea at the same time. Jim ran inside and got his romote-controlled car. After Jim tossed the car on the roof, Dawn drove it around. She pushed the ball off the roof with the car while Jim waited to catch the ball and the car.

"See how easy it is when you've got two people working on a problem?" Dawn said. Jim tossed her the ball, and they continued their game.